Internacional de Minería 2013
Acapulco 2013
Mundo Imperial · 16 al 19 de Octubre 2013 · Acapulco Guerrero, México

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Acapulco 2013

Mundo Imperial - October 16th through 19th, 2013 Acapulco Guerrero, Mexico

Since 1955 The AIMMGM has been organizing every two years the International Mining Congress. This event has come to a higher relevance to currently become one of the most important in Latin America. This Congress is attended by Mining Companies, Representatives and agents, as well as Machinery and Equipment Suppliers from more than 24 countries, among the most important being Canada, United States, Chile, Peru, Australia, South Africa and China.

Mundo Imperial Acapulco has been chosen as our venue for the 30th International Mining Congress to be held from October 16th through 19th, 2013. We are expecting more than 10 thousand attendees on an exhibition floor of more than 22 thousand squared meters to show machinery and equipment for the mining industry, setting the biggest exhibition area ever in the history of our Congress.

A hundred Technical Conferences are scheduled during this Congress as well as Master Conferences at top level. We are also holding 2 special events within this Congress: The Latin American Organizations General Assembly - OLAMI - which puts together different representatives of the Mining Industry in Latin America. The Forum "The Future of Mining in the World" where we will be able to share visions on Mining activities throughout the world from every country's perspective.

Along with it, the Companions Program and our traditional Golf, Tennis and Fishing Tournaments. For a second time, we have set some areas for students on earth sciences in order to have a fruitful interchange with the companies.

Mexico poses an excellent host for this mining event. It counts on a long-lasting mining tradition and a current and updated mining industry. Its potential is huge and with a strong variety. Its territory has mining deposits at large scale, which in time have boosted this country to become the first Silver Producer in the world and sustain an outstanding growth in Gold and Silver Production, apart from other mineral resources. In this way, the International Mining Congress gathers multi-sized companies. Exploration companies, machinery and equipment suppliers and services as well as top federal and state government offices in Mexico along with the representatives of the educational institutions on earth sciences. In summary, all mining community working in our country.

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